Meet Gratitude Chicago


(from left to right) Nicholas Fox, Darick Anderson Jr, Malcolm Fox 

Gratitude Chicago” is our name, and we are a streetwear brand, but it is far deeper than that. Being grateful for our status, position, abilities, etc. is important to us and it is also a staple in each one of our lives, which is what ultimately connected us. Our ultimate goal is to spread this thought process on to everyone through both our clothing and our message. It is often said that when one is truly grateful for what he or she already has, he or she will attract more good things into his or her life. 

Gratitude isn’t only a clothing line or a streetwear's a lifestyle, a way that everyone should live their life. We want to motivate people to have a mindset that not only focuses on obtaining what they do not already have but one that also appreciates what they do have. The brand is focused on this definition: “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” We promote expressing gratitude throughout your life and to connect with others on a common front.

Whether you are grateful for any of the aforementioned things there is something we are all grateful for in our lives, and we believe that one should be judged not for what they achieve themselves but for what they help others achieve.

- Gratitude Chicago